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Candidate FAQs

If you have any other questions (not listed below), please contact a 3D Search professional and we will gladly assist you as best we can.

If I am represented by 3D Search, are there any fees or costs associated with your service?
No. The service we provide to our candidates is free of charge. We encourage all Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology professionals to contact a 3D Search professional to see how we can be of assistance in your job search. Any firm that seeks compensation or asks you to sign a contract should be eliminated from your consideration.

If I refer a candidate to you, will I receive a referral bonus?

Most recruiting firms don't believe it's necessary to reward their candidates with a referral bonus, but we do. In order to continue providing our clients with the industry's best talent, we want to reward you for introducing us to additional top tier candidates. Please contact a 3D Search professional to learn more about our referral bonus program and how your friends and/or coworkers can enjoy the same professionalism and service that you have experienced.

What separates 3D Search from other staffing firms?
3D Search is a boutique staffing firm with a targeted focus in the Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology field. This has allowed us to become industry experts in the areas we recruit for, making us a valuable resource for you. You can expect a very candid relationship with your 3D Search staffing specialist and we will share all relevant information with you as promptly as possible. We understand and place a heavy emphasis on keeping your searches strictly confidential as we work with you throughout the process. Most importantly, 3D Search is committed to making your job search an enjoyable experience, resulting in you finding a better career opportunity.

What type of Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology candidates do you work with?
At 3D Search, we recruit for Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology professionals at various levels: Coordinator, Manager, Director, VP, etc. We can help you find a Direct Hire, Contract-to-Hire, or Contract position. Please visit our areas of expertise to learn more about the various functional areas we specialize in.

How can I apply for a position with 3D Search?
Please visit our career opportunities page to view our available positions and/or to submit your resume to a 3D Search professional.

Where are you located and what geographic areas do you recruit for?
3D Search is located in New Jersey, the global epicenter for the Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Industry. Thus, we spend most of our time recruiting for New Jersey based positions and the surrounding area (i.e.. New York and Pennsylvania). Having the ability to see our clients' facilities, understand the company culture, and meet the hiring managers, allows us to share valuable information with our candidates. However, if you are looking for a position outside of the Tri-State area, our clients often have multiple locations that may make better geographic sense for you.

How can I help 3D Search find the right opportunity for me?

In order for us to successfully identify the right opportunity for you, we need your help. When you speak to a 3D Search professional please be honest and forthcoming about your background, companies you have been previously submitted to, and your current compensation structure. Having these open dialogues and candid conversations will "Help us, help you".

How will 3D Search help prepare me for an interview?
Being selected for an interview is a critical and mandatory step in the job search process. We will discuss what specific questions you should expect, intelligent questions you should ask, and how to handle the different personalities you will encounter. 3D Search goes to great lengths to make sure you are fully prepared and confident before your telephone and/or in-person interview.

The interview went well and I think an offer is coming…now what?
If you received an offer, we are almost there. Throughout the interviewing process, we have educated our client on what you would consider an acceptable offer. Our clients respect our knowledge about our candidates and take our professional recommendations to heart. If we have done our job properly, our clients will provide a competitive offer in-line with your expectations. 3D Search will guide you through the process of properly accepting a job offer and how to make a great first impression on your future employer. Congratulations!

What should I expect from 3D Search after I accept an offer?
3D Search is committed to developing long-term relationships with our candidates. Once you decide to accept an offer from one of our clients, 3D Search recognizes our work is not yet done. We will share with you the professional way to resign and how to prepare for a potential counteroffer. If you need to relocate to a new geographic area, we will certainly make sure you are equipped with all of the information you need. We understand beginning a new career can be emotionally draining and difficult, but our years of experience will make your career transition easy and enjoyable.
Candidate FAQs
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