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To Our Clients

3D Search is a boutique staffing firm focused on providing our Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology clients with the necessary talent to help them grow. So often, staffing firms are perceived as a necessary evil or simply a last resort. 3D search has changed that way of thinking. Our clients view us as a valuable extension of their recruiting practice and enjoy the partnership we provide. It is our belief that when you work together and have a common goal, success will soon follow.

Why is 3D Search unique and how does this benefit our clients?
  • By specializing in the Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology industry, we have become extremely knowledgeable in the areas we recruit for. This allows us to quickly identify an ideal candidate that successfully meets your job requirements. We understand your time is valuable and your day is hectic, so our ability to "speak the same language" sets us apart.
  • In order to exceed your expectations, we have chosen to work with a select number of companies. This enables us to deliver an exceptional level of service, giving you our undivided focus. We are not looking to be the biggest staffing firm – just the best!
  • When you are a client of 3D Search, you will always be working with a Managing Partner. We want to make sure you stay in direct contact with an experienced professional capable of handling your every need. Other firms may impress you with fancy marketing material, as well as the size and scope of their operation, but in the end, you are left working with an inexperienced staff member unable to satisfy your needs.
  • 3D Search is strategically located in the heart of the Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology universe – New Jersey. Thus, a large portion of our candidate pool is local. This leads to a very efficient interview process, where candidates accept your offers without requiring relocation assistance.
Our Philosophy
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